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We are pleased to introduce our company. Since 1983 year we are engaged in the manufacturing of PVC and aluminium windows and doors . We are proud

to say that  our finished investments speak for itself. Our firm deliver windows to: GERMANY, ITALY, UK, FRANCE, CZECH REPUBLIC, BULGARIA,


Why us ?

We  take utmost care in providing you a great product with the best customer service.
In order to meet the individual needs customize our products according to customers’ preference.

Excellent profiles and work.

Excellent profiles, high quality accessories,  technical expertise coupled with extensive  knowledge makes our products are the ideal choice.
We have a workforce of skilled engineers  and experienced installers.

Our products are custom made.

Environmentally friendly.

The products are environmentally friendly (recykling technology) as well as energy efficient. Since the few decades, PVC and aluminum has become

one of the most used products in manufacturing windows.

Very good insulation.

Both PVC and aluminum windows give you very good insulation so summer as winter . This is very important if you are living in an area which is affected

by extreme weather changes. The undoubted advantage of our windows is also the savings you can make on your electricity bills.


In addition, excellent seals means reducing the amount of allergens entering the building. This is very important for people suffering from allergic diseases.

No maintenance.

For many years, maintenance of PVC and aluminum windows is not required. There is no need to repaint or protect against weather conditions.


Our PVC and aluminum windows have a very safe closing system.

Sound insulation.

PVC windows and doors stop a lot of unnecessary noise. For this reason, they are often preferred in places where sound attenuation has a high priority.

We will be delighted to be your partner in investments by offering our quality products. You can rest assure that by giving us the opportunity to service

your investment you will be providing your home or business with the highest quality products.

We invite you to cooperate.